Julie Shunick Brown is a contemporary abstract painter living in Dallas, Texas.  A native of Nevada, she painted as a child.  Growing up in Arizona and Northern Virginia, she studied at The Corcoran School of Art and spent her free time in art museums in Washington, D.C.  

After graduating with honors from Arizona State University, Julie continued to study painting and drawing, most recently at Southern Methodist University.  In 2012, she left a long career with Procter and Gamble to focus full time on painting again.   

Julie has been represented by galleries in Dallas and Santa Fe and her work is in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Spain.  

My painting evolves as life does.  Currently, the process is intuitive - no preconception or idea of the end result.  The work gets more deliberate and intentional as it progresses but it develops as a reaction to what is on the canvas.  I focus on composition and color and the result is a surprise that often seems reflective of life.  

My work is meant to hang in any direction which makes for variety and flexibility as people move or revamp their environment.  Often the paintings hang in diptych or triptych, an alternative to huge single works which are sometimes impractical.  

Though my process is not conscious, it feels like a search for calm, making sense of the chaos and urgency surrounding us. Changing, it evokes life.  Past and future intermingle with present. Memory refines and perfects. This is reflected in my multi-layered paintings - meant to be ambiguous and interpreted by each viewer.